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Open pit coper mine of Chuquicamata, Chile

Unique environments with unique requirements require unique solutions.

Industries that are located in outdoor industrial environments present unique challenges that are often underestimated.

Successful deployment of wireless networks in outdoor industrial environments present unique challenges. Challenges that are nothing like those presented when deploying wireless networks indoors, or even in municipal settings.

Challenges like:

  • Unusual and constantly changing topology
  • Constant mobility of the fleet/equipment
  • Network congestion resulting from real-time applications
  • Extremely stringent performance requirements in support of autonomous equipment
  • Network security

At 3D-P, we don't treat each network the same. We focus on understanding the challenges of the environment, and the challenges of the particular applications that the network is intended to provide connectivity for. Only after we have a clear understanding of these requirements do we choose the appropriate wireless technologies, and the appropriate design scheme to overcome those challenges. 

Learn more about what makes each of these industries unique.