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Wireless network solutions for underground mining.

Optimize your operations with the right wireless network. 

Real-time data access for underground mines has traditionally been a challenge. The lack of broadband network connection and the nature of the environment has led to some of these challenges. 

At 3D-P, we understand that the benefits of implementing a reliable and scalable wireless network in underground mines are huge not only for personnel safety but to remain competitive through optimized production and maintenance cost reduction. 

Take advantage of the benefits of an end-to-end connected wireless network underground. 

Communication infrastructure is becoming an increasingly vital component of efficient and productive underground mining operations, but the constantly changing nature of a mine, the highly mobile fleet, and the inherent environmental challenges may present a hurdle. 

The requirement for a reliable wireless network is especially true but also particularly difficult for the 'last mile' of connectivity, the area where installed infrastructure ends, and the active mining area starts. Much of the critical data necessary for safety, productivity, and asset health improvements originates in this area. 

3D-P's range of wireless solutions includes full wireless networks for the mine, or solutions to augment and solve challenges with existing networks, including last-mile solutions for networks consisting of Rajant, Cisco, Extreme or even LTE technologies. Our solutions ensure our customers not only have a reliable network in support of critical applications but also that the network can be deployed and maintained quickly and cost-effectively in the most active areas of your mine. 

Keep the active area of your mine connected. 

Underground wireless connectivity is particularly critical at the mine face where equipment operations are heavy and the associated data is generated. Unfortunately, infrastructure such as power and backhaul aren't always available in these areas until after much of this activity is complete. 

Providing a solution that can support the large amounts of throughput necessary for remote controlled or even autonomous operations in these environments, without the necessary infrastructure, is challenging. While all wireless technologies have their pros and cons, they are not all equal when it comes to last mile connectivity. 

The hybrid LTE/InstaMesh Osprey provides your mine with the ability to leverage Rajant's InstaMesh technology to provide high performance connectivity throughout most of your active areas, even while leveraging an LTE or even standards based Wi-Fi network throughout the rest of the mine. 

Access the data your operations need most, reliably. 

More than in any other industry, underground miners operate in extreme isolation, requiring access to a broad range of data in real- or near-real time to ensure safety of their personnel and optimization of their operations. 

3D-P's underground networks have the power to run whatever applications you want to throw at them. Voice communications, productivity monitoring, systems monitors, safety systems, remote control or autonomy; whatever the application, and wherever the data, 3D-P can design and deploy the right network. 

Beyond the network, 3D-P also has solutions for direct access to fleet data. Today's mines are moving beyond the basics of OEM-provided asset health events and alarms, beyond connected IoT to a new, smarter, digital mine, where A.I. is leveraged to maximize uptime and productivity, 3D-P's Machine Health provides access to the data generated on mining assets, making it available when and where it's required, empowering the right decisions and next actions.