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oil pumps working at oilfiled at dusk

A wireless network that supports your operations.

Real-time wireless network solutions that support oil and gas operations. 

Availability of your equipment is critical to meet your quarterly and annual production targets. Through a reliable network, you have the ability to constantly monitor your equipment, ensuring smooth operations. Your network is key, and careful selection and implementation is critical. 

As your operations move, you need a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy network. A network that doesn't require daily troubleshooting, but self-heals as a connection that becomes unavailable. A network with high throughput capabilities and that can survive the harshest environments. At 3D-P, this is the type of network we deploy. 

We understand that your operations are mobile, your environment is harsh and you need to access your critical data in real-time. That's why we design and deploy wireless networks that your team won't have much time to spend on. Our wireless network design is smart and the technology we use is even smarter. 

Operation analytics made smart. 

With thousands of sensors available, you now have the ability to monitor every aspect of your operations from equipment health, air quality, people monitoring, and video surveillance. When private wireless networks become unable to reliably transport all this data, some of the data analysis needs to be shifted to the edge. This is what we call Smart IoT. 

With a Smart IoT device, like our Osprey Intelligent Endpoint, analytics can be performed at the edge (on the equipment) prior to being sent across the wireless network. Smart IoT devices collect the data from locally connected IoT devices and have the ability to run applications locally. Smart IoT systems reduce the massive network requirement of fully connected IoT by reducing both the time and expense required to transmit all the data, all the time, back to the core. Improving productivity and safety while reducing costs. 

Enhanced productivity with powerful equipment health monitoring. 

Improving your equipment availability is one of the best opportunities to meet your production target and reduce operating costs. The solution: continuous monitoring of your equipment through edge computing and reliable wireless network. 

With the 3D-P Intelligent Endpoint, your team has the ability to access the data they need, where and when they need it. In addition, it provides them with the ability to integrate best-of-breed applications on one device. So now you have ultimate control over the applications you need and performance of your network.