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Reliable, scalable, and secure industrial wireless networks.

Real-time data network solutions for ports and industrial yards. 

Ports, container yards, rail yards, and other large industrial yards present unique wireless challenges. Operating in areas where signals can be blocked by large structures like buildings and metal containers, or where radio frequency interference is common, can mean slow data transfers and unreliable connections. 

3D-P has the experience and knowledge required to solve these RF and data challenges, allowing you to achieve your business objectives.

Our high-performing data network solutions mean more consistent real-time data access, better product tracking, and improved safety and security - and a significant advantage over your competition. 

Get the network performance you need, the first time. 

Wireless downtime - or waiting for uploads - costs money. With 3D-P's vast experience in the most challenging industrial areas of the world, we help deliver reliable wireless data solutions for your port or industrial yard. We help define and meet your business requirements allowing you to focus on bigger issues like driving your profitability and efficiency. 


Improve your access to critical data. 


We've built our reputation on being the best at solving wireless problems in challenging industrial environments. We know how to handle issues often forgotten such as:

  • Mobile equipment
  • Constantly changing topology
  • Network interference
  • Security
  • Harsh physical environments, including coastal regions

We also understand the effects of real-time or near real-time data requirements on the network. That knowledge is key to the difference 3D-P brings to your network design. 

Public vs. Private networks and future-proof technology. 

We work with you to understand your business as well as your individual and specific technical requirements. 

Thinking of using public networks such as LTE to improve your connectivity? That may be a good, low cost option. We'll help you analyze the costs such as loss of control, reliability issues and continued subscription costs.