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City services need networks they can rely on. 

Integrated wireless solutions that support IoT in cities and industry. 

Cities and urban industries require greater connectivity to improve public safety, streamline operations, oversee transport, and so much more. The need for faster and more reliable access to data becomes even greater as more devices, departments, and companies rely on the Internet of Things. 

Data management has grown increasingly more complex and in this environment, you need to partner with a company that has the experience to get the many parts of this complicated machine working in sync. 

Whether you're operating in an urban city works card, a rural water treatment plant, or a remote mining operation in an extreme climate, 3D-P has the experience and knowledge to help you stay connected. 

Make our experience your edge. 

3D-P has more than 20 years of experience in the harshest environments across the globe. Thanks to our cutting-edge technology partners, and our large and diverse team of engineers, RF and application specialists, we've successfully designed and deployed a wide variety of wireless solutions supporting our customers' unique data requirements. 

We know the complexity of making changes to your wireless network, so we work with you to understand the impacts on everyone involved, from early stages through to the execution. 

Solutions that meet your unique network, data and application requirements. 

Wireless solutions should be approached uniquely and tailored to your specific needs. While there's some common ground across industries or municipalities, for the most part, you want a solution that's been designed to work for you - exactly where and how you need it. 

3D-P has worked with many civic and corporate partners to make sure their network and data requirements are being met today and well into the future. Some of the city sectors that could benefit from 3D-P's extensive experience in creating reliable networks for challenging environments are:

  • Municipalities
  • First responders
  • Security/public safety
  • Police
  • Energy/electricity
  • Garbage and waste
  • Water and sewage
  • Rail and transportation networks
  • Bus and local transit services
  • Ports