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Trust the performance of your wireless network as your environment evolves. 

Put the reliability of your wireless network in expert hands. 

Many consider reliability of their wireless network a challenge, and a gap between their needs and the current technology offering. No matter the technology deployed, performance of your wireless network will decrease over time if not maintained regularly. This becomes increasingly critical as you deploy and rely on accessing your data in real time and autonomous haulage is more commonly deployed. 

At 3D-P, we understand that you shouldn't have to worry about your wireless network. That's why we offer a range of professional services that will ensure its reliability through monitoring, troubleshooting and fine tuning. Whether you have one or several wireless network specialists in-house or prefer delegating it to a 3rd party company, we provide custom solutions that deliver to the level of support you need, when you need it. 

A quarterly site visit might suffice for some, while larger mines relying on large volume of data in real time may require an embedded trained resource. Whatever your requirements, leveraging a third party like 3D-P can help you with mine planning and provide suggestions on ways to efficiently augment coverage as your mine progresses. 

Place the performance of your wireless network in cruise control with Managed Services. 

Do you want to put your mine on cruise control? Then our Managed Services offering is for you. 

3D-P's Managed Services transforms the way support is provided by proactively monitoring the performance of your wireless network through alarms, notifications, pro-active network adjustments and remediation information directly from our mining-experienced support team. 

Our Managed Services solutions can be integrated in your operations and managed on site, or remote as you choose, allowing us to worry about the small stuff so you don't have to. We will find the problems before they become a catastrophe, create the support tickets, and see them through to completion ensuring seamless network operation for you. 

Whether we are monitoring client network performance, remote power stations like solar or generator, or your important data, we strive to know there's a problem and fix it before there is any impact to your production. 

Need a quick and simple visualization tool to report on the performance of your network?

3D-P offers visualizations through its NPAT-as-a-Service offering, allowing customers to visualize the performance and layout of their wireless network at any specific moment in time. Typically paired with Consultative Services, NPAT (Network Performance Analyzer Toolkit) as-a-Service provides you with previously unattainable insight into and control over the evolution of your network over time. 

For mines going through a network upgrade or network improvement, NPAT-as-a-Service allows them to easily visualize improvements from the work. 

Discover how NPAT-as-a-Service helped a mine in South East Asia reduce network reported issues by 50%.