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Get out of the classroom and train for what matters.

Wireless training for your outdoor industrial environment.

Networks deployed in challenging environments present unique challenges to communication. Coverage, mobility, congestion, and interference are all problems that your onsite team should be able to troubleshoot and resolve with the right training. 

At 3D-P, we offer interactive, hands-on, in-field training that makes teams more effective. Your training focuses on your environment, your objectives and challenges, and empowering your team with the skill set to troubleshoot and maintain your network. 

The result? Reduced network downtime - and really, isn't that what training your team should deliver? You can get the value you expect from your applications and data, and optimization of your resources' time. 

Training that is focused on your unique challenges. 

We train your team specifically for your environment as well as your technology - centering everything around the common challenges your team will face on site so that your team knows how to address them. When you partner with 3D-P, your team gets hands-on training at your site, delivered by our deployment team, and you have access to more in-depth product training offsite during one of our bi-annual training events (in North America). 

Your team will be trained around network design and implementation best practices for your environment, and your applications, covering a large number of 3D-P deployed technologies including Cisco, Rajant, Redline, Cambium, remote power solutions as well as LTE. 

24/7 support if you need more than your team's eyes on a problem. 

Your operations cannot stop. When your team is unable to troubleshoot or achieve the expected network performance, 3D-P can be available. Depending on your situation and your environment, you can choose a support level - from standard customer care to full managed services - that will ensure nothing slows you down. If you need to start a support ticket, contact us now.