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Get the right network, the first time. 

A site survey is the first step to designing and deploying your industrial wireless network. 

Major network upgrades as well as new network deployments require a full site survey. This is where we unveil the critical environmental, operational, and application requirements that are necessary to ensure your communication and business needs are understood and the appropriate wireless solution is implemented, right from the start. 

Your survey will be in-depth and in person. 

3D-P's experienced solution architect begins the discovery process to understand what current and future applications are networked wirelessly, how many mobile clients are accessing the network and in what operational areas, as well as additional required coverage areas and access requirements. 

Next, we review the mine's topography. This helps identify existing networking equipment and upgrade requirements, potential obstacles to RF transmission, available power and fiber drops, as well as appropriate locations for new infrastructure and client access points. 

An inspection of the mobile fleet is conducted to determine installation requirements and to identify any unknown challenges.

Lastly, a radio frequency survey is performed to identify any potential sources of interference and to assist in the development of an appropriate channelization scheme for your specific site. 

Site assessments help maintain or scale your network. 

When deploying new applications on your existing network, expanding coverage areas, or when performance degrades, a site assessment is the solution. A site assessment is a limited site survey that identifies capability and challenges in the existing network and provides solutions, allowing you to achieve the performance you need. 

The deliverable of this site assessment is a report on the current state of the network. It covers backhaul, noise assessment, infrastructure recommendations, and challenges to performance in areas of operation, such as coverage and congestion, as well as recommendations to overcome those challenges. 

If you're looking to scale or improve your existing network, let's talk.