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Secure your operations with OT-specific solutions.

Securing your operations effectively

Digitalization enhances operations' efficiency, improves safety, and optimizes production, but it also creates more opportunities for cyber security attacks to operational technology (OT) environments and to wreak havoc. 

Unlike IT, the cost of a cyber security breach in an OT environment not only includes service interruption and data loss, but the cost associated with stopping production until the breach is resolved. IT and OT security convergence, as well as procedures and people's training and awareness become critical to the protection of your operation. 

Protecting your network with technology

As part of its commitment towards security of your network, 3D-P regularly publishes security updates for the 3D-P Intelligent Endpoints. Keeping them secure against the latest exploits and attacks to their operating system helps keep your network safe from the client end. Preventing unauthorized access to a fleet of devices on your network by installing simple updates is an easy and often overlooked aspect of industrial technology devices. 

These security updates and the technology selected by 3D-P are just a small part of the equation that keeps your network running reliably and efficiently. Having secure devices ensures the integrity and safety of your production data, and keeps the things that are supposed to be working, out in the field working. 

Protecting your network with Managed Services

Our Managed Services department keeps an eye on your network, looking for bad actors that could bring your production network to its knees. Whether it's a malicious client, a rogue access point, or an RF interference, the Managed Services department has the tools to quickly identify and alert on the presence of these infiltrations on your network and has the expertise to mitigate them in a timely manner. 

Testing your network with a penetration test

A Penetration Test Assessment can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing security network and identify high-risk vulnerabilities that may be difficult or impossible to detect with scanning software.

Our Technical Architects use a mix of manual and automated testing techniques in an attempt to gain access to information without the knowledge or permission of its owner. The assessment can be used to evaluate the external security infrastructure to reduce the possibility of an external hacker compromising their information unknowingly. 

Based on the results, 3D-P delivers a quality penetration test assessment, that includes a summary of the results as well as actionable advice for strengthening the security defenses.