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Your wireless network. Designed to work in your environment. Deployed to grow your business. 

Designing and deploying wireless networks in challenging outdoor environments is what we do. 

At 3D-P, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to deploying a wireless network in outdoor industrial environments. Challenges like mobility, constantly evolving topology, contention, interference and security issues make successful design and deployment tricky. Without extensive on-the-ground experience in these environments, the tendency is to oversimplify at the cost of success. 

Unlike other suppliers, we work in partnership with our customers. We take the time understand their unique challenges, applications and associated data requirements. We design a network we know will support them now and long into the future. Our design methodology includes:

  • Efficient reuse of existing infrastructure
  • Scalability for future growth
  • Ability for the network to adjust to environmental and operational changes
  • Redundancy

We design to meet your business needs first. Technology second. 

Technology shouldn't be seen as a silver bullet. The most redundant and self-healing technologies will fail in a poorly designed network. At 3D-P we start by assessing our customers' requirements and building a profile based on network performance and application integration needs prior to discussing the optimal technology. This ensures we select technology that will best support our customers' needs today and in the future. 

We also design and deploy the network so that it will continue performing even if a device fails. Again, depending on your specific requirements, this level of performance may come through redundancy, or it may come through the choice of an appropriate self-healing technology. 

Challenging environments aren't static, and neither is your network. 

We design the network based on your requirements today and into the foreseeable future, but we also revisit its design throughout the project. And we continue supporting our customers post-deployment by providing the appropriate network performance monitoring tools and service agreements to ensure your network is monitored and maintained proactively. 

We take a three-layer approach in the design of your wireless network. Learn more about those layers and how they can affect the performance of your network. 


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