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IEP-Suite is the smart tool for your smart IoT.

3D-P's IEP-Suite is the software solution for remote data challenges. 

Simply put, the IEP-Suite is a collection of smart tools available on the open computing architecture of the Intelligent Endpoint. This set of in-house developed software tools was designed specifically to reduce or remove the barriers that are often associated with introducing mining applications on a third-party hardware platform. With IEP-Suite in place, you use less hardware, have less installation downtime and fewer problems - which creates a safer overall work environment. 

What does the IEP-Suite include?

Some of the smart tools you'll have access to with the IEP-Suite are:

  • Geofencing
  • Smart network montoring
  • Local data storage and forward ability
  • Port sharing
  • Port visualization
  • And much more

By orchestrating a combination of any of these tools, you can enable automated decision-making processes based on situation. Take a look at our Publish/Subscribe case study as one example of how you can simplify your operations, improve safety and production.

Now that's smart IoT.

IEP-Suite allows your team to do more. 

When you invest in an Intelligent Endpoint - like the Osprey - and start to use the IEP-Suite, you are setting your team up for success. First, you're giving them the ability to simplify deployment and integration of third-party applications. Second, you're giving them the ability to leverage your existing infrastructure to handle increased application load. And lastly, you're giving them the tools they need to automate data collection, share I/O resources between multiple applications, and proactively monitor your wireless network. And on top of all that, you're reducing your hardware investment.