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Software designed to enable your safety, production and maintenance applications. 

Applications are often designed without thought to the challenges of network they will run on, such as mobility, congestion, terrain, etc., and even more frequently without much thought to how they will share the network with applications from other vendors. 

The open computing nature of 3D-P's Intelligent Endpoints and their onboard suite of tools (the IEP Suite) provide everything you need to ensure you get the most efficient data collection, data sharing between devices and network utilization with the least amount of hardware to maintain. 


Software that helps you become more productive and more profitable. 

3D-P has created software for the IEP and partnered with a number of forward-thinking software companies (like Honeywell and iVolve) to ensure you have access to the data you need, when you need it. These software features are there to help your team, your business and your profits. It improves your data access and sharing, for both asset and network monitoring, and helps you monitor, trend, and alert on key business performance indicators. Because the better intelligence (data) you have, the better armed you are to make decisions that keep your business moving forward. 


Software is just part of the big picture.

When you partner with 3D-P, every aspect of your wireless networking needs is given careful consideration to make sure your solution will work when and where you need it. We work with you and recommend solutions that are future compatible based on our extensive experience in outdoor industrial environments. 

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