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Our most powerful and rugged mobile computing solution.

The Osprey Datalogger is a fast, rugged and scalable data solution that can grow with your company. 

The addition of "Datalogger" capability to the standard Osprey adds the appropriate IO capability to provide you access to the data you need off your fleet. Whether for equipment maintenance or for ESG reasons, using the Osprey as your datalogger not only allows you to reduce your technology footprint onboard (the radio is also the network switch, firewall, router, and even the datalogger), but it gives you access to the critical data you need to drive your ESG initiatives.


The Osprey's compute capability allows it to run Linux and/or Windows-based applications either natively or within hardware-virtualized Virtual Machines (VMs). At the same time, it's very easy to learn and use.


Built as a modular platform, the Osprey allows for upgrades of its processor, memory and storage capabilities, as well as the ability to integrate new radio options as they become available. This makes the Osprey one of the most versatile devices on the market since it can grow and expand with your business or as new technologies emerge.


With blisteringly fast network performance and with its suite of integration and resource sharing tools, the Osprey is the ideal choice for end customers, OEMs, and application vendors looking to satisfy their current and future on-machine computing and communication needs.

The Osprey is a powerful, durable device that won't let you down.

The Osprey was designed specifically to enable our outdoor industrial customers to access the raw fleet data that is critical to their business.

Designed for direct mounting on heavy equipment, the Osprey can withstand water, temperature, shocks and constant movement in harsh environments. 

Reduce the strain on your network automatically.

The Osprey Intelligent Endpoint's open computing design and the on-board IEP-Suite of tools puts the 'smart' in the smart Internet of Things (IoT). These capabilities are crucial to obtaining valuable data from connected IoT devices in a mobile, wireless environment.

Running at the edge of your network or in distant and challenging environments can mean intermittent connections and sometimes higher costs. Not with 3D-P's edge computing solutions using the Osprey.

The Osprey enables applications to perform computing functions on the mobile fleet, prior to accessing the wireless network, thus reducing the network load. That means you'll get increased network capability and reduced network costs. 

How does it work? With smart capabilities, the Osprey can prioritize data downloads by applications, it can allow them only in specific geo-fenced areas or at specified times, or it can be set to utilize only a portion of the available bandwidth per application, helping to reduce and manage the load on the entire wireless network.

Through a number of partnerships with asset health solution providers, the Osprey has the ability to provide you with your fleet's raw asset health data and communicate it where and when your business needs it.

The Osprey also provides hosting of native and third-party applications enabling edge computing and analytics.