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Edge computing, application hosting, on-board networking, and data access.

3D-P's Intelligent Endpoints help your operations achieve the next level of IoT. 

Networks servicing industries that operate in challenging outdoor environments like mining and ports are heavily taxed with the real-time requirements of Fleet Management Systems and Safety Systems, as well as the increasing use of video and audio over the network. 


3D-P's Intelligent Endpoints (IEP) are designed as edge computing platforms. They each allow much of the analytics your business relies on to be performed at the edge - where the data is collected from IoT devices like sensors and on-machine applications. IEPs give network operators tight control over network access for each application. They also have the ability to run applications directly that can take advantage of the data from those connected devices.


The result? Reduction in the overall network requirement, and reduction of both time and expense required to transmit all the data, all the time, back to the core. 

3D-P's IEPs are designed with the outdoor industrial environment in mind. 

Designed as an open, edge computing platform, 3D-P's IEPs are designed to address the unique challenges of the outdoor industrial environment. Some of the features that make 3D-P's IEPs specifically suited to these environments are:

  • They have the ability to work with single or dual radio (Wi-Fi, Mesh, LTE)
  • The rugged hardware we've created is designed for direct mount on heavy equipment and includes IP67, shock, and vibration
  • The IEPs can provide both native and third-party application hosting
  • They work with a wide variety of communication interfaces

When you have the ability to integrate best of breed applications on one device, you increase your operational productivity and your ROI. 

IEPs allow for a better, more efficient wireless network while giving your team access to the data they need - where and when they need it. They reduce your overall hardware requirements, as well as reducing the overall cost and time you put into deploying and maintaining multiple devices. You get ultimate control over the applications you want to run - regardless of vendor. And you can optimize your network performance. 

Continuously monitor the performance of your wireless network. 

3D-P's IEPs come with the IEP suite of native integration tools. In addition to simplifying integration with third-party applications, these tools include the ability to continuously monitor the performance of your wireless network - from the client's perspective. This allows you to discover blind spots or areas of poor network performance you'd never be able to see from traditional infrastructure-based network monitors. This knowledge allows you to proactively solve problems as your environment evolves - which is critical in industries like mining and ports where the network's original design may face challenges as the topology or environment changes. 

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