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Optimize production one load at a time.

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Improve performance of your operations with production reporting. 

Poor machine utilization can be a leading factor in sub-performing operations. In addition, continuous equipment overloading results in higher equipment maintenance cost, early tire failure and drastically reduced production.


Implementation and use of the appropriate production monitoring and reporting application provides various benefits, including:

  • Load optimization
  • Maintenance planning improvement
  • Task automation
  • Increased equipment utilization
  • Reduction in the number of catastrophic failures
  • Increase of operator's performance

Optimize your truck load, every time. 

Poor machine utilization has a direct impact on productivity. Underload your truck and you are below productivity and under-utilizing your assets. Overload it and you risk increasing maintenance costs, tire failure, spillage and road-wear. 

The 3D-P Production Reporting System, powered by iVolve, provides production data in real-time to both operators and management. Through installation of in-cab screens, both on-board haulage and loading operators have the ability to improve bucket pass consistency and prevent overload events. Management dashboards ensure real-time production monitoring across the whole site with easy drill down to any equipment. 

Including a visual display of the trucks queueing and spotting, the operation center now has the ability to redirect trucks, have them adjust their speed and ensure optimal utilization of shovels, loaders and trucks. 

Improve production and asset health by tracking the center of gravity of each load. 

Poor load distribution increases the chances of asymmetrical wear and tear with one side often more used than the other, impacting both short and long term health of your equipment. 

The 3D-P Production Load Assist, powered by iVolve, not only enables real-time visualization of load passes and total tonnage, but also measures in real-time the center of gravity of each load. The information is transmitted in real-time to the loader operator for immediate adjustment.